Van Zon Games is a game design company based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2013 Van Zon Games was created due to an influence of 30 years of gaming, beginning with the Atari 2600 to board games and now modern computer games. After 30 years of playing games, it was their turn to make games for people to love and play.

Van Zon Games has three values they keep in mind when designing games.


We’re not even sure that’s a word, but it is now! Think about every game you played that you were addicted to. What made it so enjoyable and addictive? Depth, replay-ability, simplicity, great gameplay? The best graphics aren’t everything, even the best storyline isn’t everything, but gameplay.. well gameplay is king! This is something we strive to focus on for all our games.


This is critical for us. We don’t want to make games that you can only play for 5 seconds and then you’re bored because you’re either a Jedi-Chuck-Norris-Master at it or you’ve played all the content. Anyone say “YAWN!?!?!?” We want to make games that will keep you entertained and challenged and be an experience you look forward to each time you play. When we design games this is always at the forefront of our minds. Replay-ability… its French for… something you can play more of?

Sense of Humour

So life, well sometimes it gets you down… “Wait what was that you said? Oh great Van Zon Games, I came here to be entertained and be happy and now you’re making me sad. Good one!” Well you didn’t let us finish. We believe life is a serious thing that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you let all the bumps get you down, then you’re not going to have any fun. What has this got to do with games? Not much it’s just a philosophy we have. Have a sense of humour, smile and make people laugh. Hopefully that humour will rub off into our games… We guess you’ll find out soon!